John Wick: Chapter 4 (2023) Movie

John Wick Chapter 4

The announcement, somewhat surprising, moreover, of a fourth part of the surprise success that was John Wick in 2014, was as exciting as scary.

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Because if the series represents one of the peaks of the action film that is modern, lengthening the sauce, also goûtue it, threatening to eventually grow tired of it.

The displayed time of almost three hours of the business left to consider a drug overdose harmful.

Except that not. On the contrary even. If John Wick Chapter 4 is now a tendency to self-reference, it is the true best of the saga freed of any idea of measurement, or even contain.

And it takes almost ten years after the first installment, to rejoice as if it was the first time that Keanu donned his best suit. Have a lot of the power of the blows, or in front of the violence of the body crashing heavily to the ground, on cars or furniture. Has the beat of the music by Tyler Bates or vibes while also electro that’s demonic Castle Vania.

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Because it marks the identity of the saga of John Wick, as its neon, iridescent, and its games of shadows draw on the occasion of sacréments beautiful images, the cut is still readable in each of its scenes of action, the renewal of the framework of the fighting, and his inventiveness in the distribution of the floss-pif. There has to see this incredible ring road around the rond-point of the Arc de Triomphe to be convinced.

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Paris is well worth a bullet in the head, so, like Osaka and Berlin, leaving more than ever, the saga of John Wick mode , globe-trotting to represent a world of mafia families and sprawling as threatening as unreal, as emptied of its citizens lambda and privatized entirely by organized crime.

A world re-populated with new second-tier knives colourful and absolutely all heartwarming and compelling, like Donnie Yen moves in between the well-known figure of the masseur blind and the role that it stood in the very successful Rogue One.

While it was entitled to expect a final form of fighting terminal, Chad Stahelski chooses, after a rise of the market in the form of way of the cross at accents furiously cartoon, to lead the company eradication conducted by John Wick on a duel sobre returning immediately to all the conventions and the ceremonial of the western. A ceremony and a melancholy joined the atmosphere of the first film, which was to understand that redemption was impossible in the world of Babayaga.

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Thus, the more a ballet, John Wick Chapter 4 is emerging as a true opera of violence terminal, as The Sponsor of the action film, as the energy deployed splashes on the screen, as his generosity, joy and warms the heart.

John Wick: Chapter 4 (2023) FzMovie

The hidden races, once again, you are probably thinking. But damn, that is what it is good to see such a grand finale on the big screen!

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